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Why do Cats Love Boxes?

What is it with cats, crunchy plastic, and boxes? If I crunch a plastic bag, my cat comes to investigate. He’ll even rise from a nap to see what’s going on. He doesn’t play with toys very much, unless I put them in a plastic bag. The sound of the bag makes him excited. The once boring orange ball becomes the most thrilling toy ever. He’ll pounce on it, bite it, and roll onto his back in order to thrash it with his back legs.
Why does the cat love crunchy plastic? Did the addition of plastic make a difference? According to Muriel Beadle in the book, The Cat, “Its responsiveness to that rustling sound, however, had its origin in the noises made by prehistoric mice in burrows under surveillance by prehistoric cats.” So, my lazy cat, who won’t play with toys, jumps to attention with the addition of crinkly plastic because his instinct tells him it’s a mouse?
What about Boxes? Apparently, the same instinct leads cats to explore boxes. In experiments by Paul Leyhausen, cats would attack mi…

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