What is Felidomancy?

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Charlie and David

Felidomancy: The lost art of cat divination. You’ve probably never heard this term. Like the art it describes, it was lost, until now. The word has two parts: Felido—mancy.

  1. Felid: from Felidae, the scientific term for the family of all cats, great: Panthera Leo (lion) and small: Felis Catus (domestic cat). 
  2. Mancy: from the word manteia, meaning “divination by means of.” Other such divination techniques with a similar ending are necromancy (divination by communication with the dead), cleromancy (divination by casting lots), and bibliomancy (divination by random selection of passages from a book).

(Note: Felidomancy is also known as ailuromancy, from the Greek ailouros, meaning cat.)Felidomancy is the lost art of Cat Divination.


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