Daily Oracle Card Draw: The Watcher

Today it was raining and I was feeling a bit tired. I got out my White Cat Oracle cards and did a one-card draw...

The Watcher

The watcher comes from the suit of Lions, so she is a majestic, powerful cat. In this case, she is the 7th card in the Lions, which makes her a scholar. The seven also signifies luck, The scholar is known for gathering data through observation and using that data to create reports and / or draw conclusions. The Watcher has her head tilted. She is not just watching, she is examining closely. Think of the difference between merely seeing something and watching it. If I say, “I see the TV” or “I watch the TV,” I mean two completely different things, don't I?

With all that said, what is this cat telling me? It is saying that today, I should watch and observe. I should gather my data before making a decision. This is not the day to run headlong into the fray. If I approach things with the skill and determination of a scholar, pursuing her discipline, I should find luck in my way forward.

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