Felidomancy: Sitting and Walking Away

Divination Example from My Cat:

Today I decided to take a video of my cat, Charlie. I'm currently gathering information in order to publish my book on Felidomancy. It will explain the process in great detail and provide a catalog of movement so that anyone can divine from the movements of their own cats... or strange cats that they meet.

Felidomancy: My first example:

What Charlie did today. I filmed for one minute. Under the video I have provided a written explanation.

Before entering the room I focused on a question: "What should I be doing regarding my future plans for my ideas around Felidomancy.com and my related project: The White Cat Oracle?"

I entered the room and made no attempt to interact with Charlie.

As you can see from the video, he is sitting on the floor. He basically ignores me.

What does it mean to find him sitting on the floor for a considerable amount of time?

One must start somewhere. Where are you? There is a path before you that is undefined. If you don’t understand where you are and how to define your path, you will stay stuck. The fact that he sits for a long time also indicates that I have felt stuck for quite some time. In fact, he sits, looking away from me almost until the end of the 1 minute I had allotted for the reading. It isn't until the last few seconds that he gets up and walks off.

What does it mean that he walks away?

Whatever is coming—look for the best possible outcome. Don’t settle—luck is with you in love and happiness.

When you put these two movements together, it means:

Regarding my ideas about Felidomancy and the White Cat Oracle, I spent a long time in an undefined space. This is correct. These are ideas I've had for a long time, but did not know what do to with. I felt stuck, like I was not making any progress. I spent several years thinking, tinkering, and creating, but without much direction. And right as I was about to give up (and this is exactly on the money), I decided to buckle down and start writing my thoughts in a book and develop the Oracle Cards. The final direction is auspicious and needs no additional commentary: Whatever is coming—look for the best possible outcome. Don’t settle—luck is with you in love and happiness.

Let me know what you think. Share your own experiences with your cat(s) and how you divined from them...

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