White Cat Oraclecards: Daily Draw The Bather

Today's Oracle Card draw.

Question: How will today's trip to check on some real estate go?

Answer: "The Bather"
Russian Blue grooming. Drawing by David Borden as part of the White Cat Oracle Deck.

The Bather card comes from the suit of Sphinxes, so there is this element of the trickster and the guardian that hovers over the whole reading. The card is the 2 card, so relates to things that come in pairs, couples, or have a dual aspect, such as the yin and yang. In particular, this is the bather card, which shows a Russian Blue grooming (Russian Blue's are known for their gorgeous coats). As you know, grooming is a huge part of a cat's life. They are known for their cleanliness and spend much of their waking hours grooming. In the image you see one of the symbols of cleanliness: water. You also see two lemons-- one whole and one cut. The yellow of the lemon symbolizes optimism. The lemon itself is known as a cleanser. It cuts away disappointment. It is a healing agent and purifier.

When you bring all of those things together you get: The mythical quality of the Sphinx governs some larger than life situation. The way through the situation will be to take a cleansing approach. I should be optimistic that though things may need cleansing, it will all work out in the end.

What gave me pause after this reading is that today is plumbing inspection day at the property I mentioned earlier. Right after the reading, I got a call about an issue that turned out not be as bad as first thought. I'm going to stay optimistic. We'll see how it goes.

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