Past, Present, Future Reading with White Cat Oracle

As the name implies, the Past, Present, Future reading uses three cards to inform a question in the context of where it has been, is now, and where its headed. I usually do a one card reading to give some insight into the state of things, but today I thought I'd go a little deeper.

I wanted to know where I stood with my art. Here is the answer I got:

White Cat Oracle three card spread: sphinx, tail high, lions
Three Card Spread: Past, Present, Future


The Sphinx:

The Sphinx card is the Suit card, or top card in the suit, corresponds to the number 9. The nine card belongs to the group of Mystics. The mystics connect the real and spirit world. They symbolized eternity, spirit, inspiration, peace, new cycles, destiny, optimism, and idealism.

The Sphinx represents wisdom and power and puzzles. She is the guardian of precious and other-worldly things. In the image, she occupies the space between the Greek (deadly puzzler) and Egyptian (guardian who faces the rising sun) traditions. These roles are represented by the skull and key at her feet.


Tail Held High:

Suit of Lions. Noble, Pride, Power, the Sun.
This card is a Number 2, belonging to the group of Yoemen. Historically, a yeoman was a freeholder farmer or a skilled servant in a royal house. This group is associated with compassion, striving, a jovial nature, temperance, cooperation, frugality, responsibility, discretion, dichotomy, and pairs or couples.

The card shows a proud, golden-coated cat happily walking through a grand building. It could be an Egyptian palace by the look of the walls and single column in the background. The floor is purple, a sign of royalty. However, this cat is not royal. It is a yoeman... a worker. He spends his days in luxury, but he has to work for it. He has to catch mice for his keep.


The Lions:

Like the Sphinx card I drew for the Past, The Lions card is the Suit card, or top card in the suit. It corresponds to the number 9. (I wrote about the "mystics" above.) Lions symbolize all that is noble and powerful. Lions are associated with the sun in many traditions. A Lion has to be careful of is pride for pridefulness can be its greatest flaw.

This card is for the staunchly independent, the people who like to go their own way. In image, one lion looks away to something off to the side. She is watching the flanks while the other line stares at the viewer. His gaze isn't exactly a challenge because he has a benevolent look, but it is charming. He's also stepping forward, out of the box that constrains the image. In fact, both lions have stepped beyond the frame. And that is what lions do. 

Putting it all together (the interpretation)

In the past, I have been pulled between the guardian and the puzzler never really settling on one direction. I am like one with a foot in two worlds, caught between this one and that. Currently, I am a lion acting as a yeoman. I am in the palace doing my work, but it is for someone else. However, in time, if I keep at it, I'll get where I want to go. In the future, I will break out of the box, and like the lion, find my power and take my place in the sun.

It is also exciting to see two of the mystic cards come up in the reading. That is a good sign, I think. I means that what I'm doing is grounded in meaning and purpose. Interestingly, the NOW is a "low" card... a card that is about the everyday work that must be done. It reminds me that to connect my past dreams with the future I want, I must do the real, down to Earth work to make it happen. 

I like this reading...

What about You?

I have gotten a huge response from people about the White Cat Oracle cards... a deck I designed myself. They are NOT tarot. This is a completely unique set of oracle cards. I think they are so awesome that I'd like to offer a free 1-card reading to you-- just because you've shown some curiosity about them. If you contact me through my website, I'll do a 1-card reading for FREE. Remember NOT to put your question in the message box. No "yes/no" questions, such as, "Will I win the lottery?" It has to be an open ended question about some guidance or advice regarding something in your life... something you want guidance on.

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