White Cat Oracle Card Draw: Stranded Cat

Now that the holiday season is over, it is...

time to publish my White Cat Oracle cards. 

(Learn more about them at https://scribblefire.com/cat-divination/)

To kick things off, I did a one-card reading. I pulled the "Stranded Cat" card, which caused me a bit of worry at first. I didn’t know if this is the card I wanted at the beginning of the publishing process—a kitten stuck in a tree.
The Stranded Cat card from the White Cat Oracle Deck by artist David Borden
The Stranded Cat card

The Stranded Cat

I reminded myself to not jump to any conclusions. The cards reveal themselves like the layers of an onion. I took a deep breath and started working my way through it.

The Stranded card is a member of the Suit of Jaguars. These big cats are known for their camouflage, strength, and opportunistic nature. This is an eight, or Alchemist card. The Alchemist cards deal with transformation, metamorphosis, new beginning, balance, and synthesis. The Stranded Cat card itself depicts a kitten stuck in a tree. Fear spreads across the poor little guy’s face. He is afraid of falling. How did he get up here? He can call for help or figure it out. It’s also significant that the kitten is stuck in a tree, not the top of a pole or a rooftop, or some other man made structure.

When I put it all together, this is what I got:

The kitten represents naivete or being new. The White Cat Oracle project is my first deck of oracle cards, and embarking on the publishing process is always fraught, so I feel like the kitten, unsure of myself.

Though I introduced the White Cat Oracle at the Austin PopCats show this summer and also tested it at Staple! The Independent Media Expo and Austin Comic Con, the deck has remained in the shadows. It is time for it to pounce into the light, like the jaguar.

This whole project has been about metamorphosis and transformation. Like the Alchemist, I’m taking simple components to create something exciting and new.

After reviewing all these details, I realized that this, indeed, was an auspicious card to pull as I gear up to do a Kickstarter to fund the publication of these cards. I’ll be spending January getting the pieces in place and launching the actual Kickstarter in February.

If you want to get on my mailing list, so you can get up to date information on how to get your hands on your own deck when they are published in March, send me an email at david@scribblefire.com to get on my mailing list.

(Learn more about the White Cat Oracle Deck and get updates on the February Kickstarter at https://scribblefire.com/cat-divination/)

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