White Cat Oracle Reading for Christina

I drew The Protector

Suit: Lions
Group: Knights
Number: 6

The details of the card:

This card is a member of the suit of Lions. Lions are known for their nobility, strength, and pride. They often are associated with the sun and its power. They are native to Africa, home to ancient civilizations, such as Egypt. The card is from the group of knights-- the one who goes on a noble quest. The knight is a protector of pilgrims and a champion of the weak, It is a six card. Six is a call to action. It is about fire, movement, novelty, chivalry, perseverance, sportsman, romantic love, and courage. However, the lion and the knight must always guard against pride. The card itself, shows a mother cat protecting her young. 
The Protector

The Interpretation: 

Christina, I'll start by reminding you that the cards are symbolic and not meant to be taken literally. The mother cat does not mean you will become a mother. In fact, this card doesn't necessarily have anything to do with parenting (although it can). This card is about something you are protecting. This could be a dream or an idea. It is close to you and may be threatened. But with your careful protection and nurturing, it can go from a defenseless kitten to an independent cat. This is a noble quest to you. Treat it as a knight would protect a pilgrim. You have this journey to go on that may have many obstacles, but at the end of the journey is the grail, the promised land, the slaying of the dragon.

You are on the right path. Protect your vision like a mother cat and you will find success.

Christina, I hope you enjoyed your reading. Let me know if you have any questions.

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