White Cat Oracle Reading for Mary

This one-card reading is for Mary.

I drew The Bather:

Suit: Sphinx
Group: Yoemen
Number: 2

The details of the card:

The Bather belongs to the suit of Sphinxes. The Sphinx, in the Ancient Greek tradition, was a riddler--in the Egyptian tradition a guardian. The Sphinx embodies both. Yoemen are skilled workers. They are either free, landowning farmers or skilled servants in a royal house. The number 2 cards indicate things that are binary, couples, or that have two-sides or aspects, such a yin/yang. The particular image is of a Russian Blue cat grooming.

The Interpretation:

Mary, this card is all about grooming. Cats spend a considerable amount of time cleaning themselves. In the image, you'll notice that on one side of the cat, there is a lemon, which is a symbol of good luck (and cleaning). Lemon juice has been used for centuries to cut through grease and lend a fresh scent to any environment. On the other side, you have water-- the universal solvent.

Something in your life has been a riddle (sphinx), and it has two sides or parts. It is time to clean up. This cleaning may take time. It may take the help of a symbolic lemon and water, but in the end, it will result in your life becoming happier and healthier. After all your work, you will shine like the beautiful coat of a Russian Blue cat.

This is a very good card. Good things await you if you take care of yourself as this "skilled" cat does.

Bather card from white cat oracle deck by artist David Borden
The Bather Card from The White Cat Oracle
Mary, I hope you enjoyed your reading. Let me know if you have any questions.

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