White Cat Oracle Reading for Viv

I drew The Chanteur:

Suit: Tigers
Group: Craftsmen
Number: 3

The details of the card:

This card is a member of the suit of Tigers. Tigers are powerful earth spirits, in some traditions they symbolize war and anger. They have large ranges in Asia. They carry an element of danger. The card is from the group of craftsmen, meaning a highly skilled artisan... someone who takes great care and pride in her work. It is a three card. Three means good fortune, triangles, harmony, and understanding. Three is the number of cycles such as beginning, middle end/ birth, life, death… It also conjures ideas, such as, "third time’s the charm." The card itself, shows a cat happily singing from the rooftops at night. 

The Interpretation: 

Viv, whatever you need guidance on holds some element of danger, whether that is evident or not. The card is at night, so dangers are not always easy to spot. However, this danger may not mean bodily danger. It could simply be that you've made a misstep and now it is time to correct it. You have a tiger inside you, so you are well equipped to deal with the issue (you are a craftsman, after all). It is time to sing. You have some gift that is bottled up inside you, aching to get out. Use it. Sing from the rooftops (figuratively). By doing so, you will tap into your good fortune, the cycles of beginning and ending, and harmony.

Don't be afraid of the danger in the dark. Sing out your truth and happiness will come to you.

The Chanteur card shows a cat singing at night. By artist David Borden
The Chanteur from the White Cat Oracle Deck
This isn't a "lucky card." This is a card about your skill, honing it, and expressing yourself. This is a card about taking control and showing the world what you can really do.

Viv, I hope you enjoyed your reading. Let me know if you have any questions.

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