The BEST Cat Oracle Deck for You is Here

The White Cat Oracle deck is for people who love divination and cats and want a deck that perfectly combines the quirkiness and unpredictability of both. Unlike tarot, this deck draws on the wisdom of cats, and so, for cat people, the deck is intuitive, powerful, and fun. This is not another cat themed Tarot Deck. This is an oracle deck with its own internal logic. It comes with a detailed, instructional ebook.

  • Gain knowledge that could improve your health and well-being
  • Increase your happiness
  • Find divine love
  • Inquire about your pathway to wealth
  • Explore the joy of cat divination for yourself, your friends, and clients
  • And much more…

Watch the Video that describes the cards and demonstrates their use.

To be one of the first to own a set of these amazing cards and help make them a reality. Just click through to our Kickstarter campaign. Your pledge of support not only gets you these fantastic cards, but makes you eligible for CATaclysmic rewards ONLY available through the fund-raising drive during the month of February, 2019.

What is a Kickstarter campaign, and what does it fund?

Kickstarter is a website that helps creative people raise small amounts of money from lots of people to fund their projects. In this case, by pledging to buy a deck of cards, you allow me to raise the money to buy the first print run of decks.



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