The Celestial Spread: A Nine Card Reading

Happy Valentine's Day!

To celebrate, I will show you how to do the Celestial Spread of the White Cat Oracle Deck. This is a nine card reading. The layout of the spread is in the diagram below:
diagram of the 9 card, celestial spread of the white cat oracle deck
diagram of the Celestial Spread

In the video I address a question about guidance pertaining to love. 

As you can see from the video, the original White Cat, Charlie, decided to help with the reading...

Each position corresponds to one of the celestial bodies visible to the naked eye.

1. Earth: Home, The foundation
2. Saturn: Mystery. That which is hidden
3. Mars: Conflict
4. Jupiter: Potential
5. Moon: Peace and tranquility
6. Mercury: Communication
7. Venus: Love
8. The Stars: The big picture
9. The Sun: The Center

You can find a detailed explanation in the instruction book at accompanies the White Cat Oracle Deck.

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed this demonstration.

For more information about the White Cat Oracle deck, visit the Cat Divination page of Through February 2019, you can pre-order a deck of these cards and receive cool rewards at Kickstarter.

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