The Journey: White Cat Oracle 6 Card Reading

I posted 1-card readings and 3-card readings. Below I do a 6-card reading and I've posted an excerpt from Chapter 6 of The White Cat Oracle: An Introduction to Reading the Cards.

"The triangle is the most stable of the geometric shapes. This triangle is made of six cards. But don’t think of the cards as being a hierarchical structure of one card on top, next a layer of two, and on the base a layer of three. This spread is about life and its journeys, so though it is only six cards, it is really three sets of three. How is that possible? 

"Let me explain:

"The first card represents the inciting incident of the journey. The bottom left corner of the next card is placed at the top right corner of the first, creating a stair step effect. The third card is place in the same manner, by putting the bottom left corner to the top right corner of the 2nd card. (see diagram #). The fourth card starts the journey down and so it’s top left corner is placed at the bottom right corner of card 3. The fifth card is placed like the fourth with its top left corner at the bottom right corner of card 4. The last card placed is to directly left of card 5 and right of card 1.

"Decide on the journey you wish to explore. Is this a past journey that you need help with understanding its meaning or ramifications? Is it a current journey? You are stuck or confused, or at a lost for what to do next. You want guidance and clarity on how to proceed. Is this a future journey you plan to take and you want to know how to start? Spoiler alert: you may discover that you’ve already embarked and don’t even know it until the cards reveal their secrets.

"Now that you have the time frame, focus on the journey question. Keep your questions open ended. Yes and No questions, such as “Will I find a tall, dark stranger and fall in love?” will meet with resistance from the cards. The cards don’t like to work in binary questions because life doesn’t work that way. If you ask “will I fall in love with a tall stranger?” the cards may say “no,” which will make you angry or disappointed. Perhaps that was the wrong question. Perhaps the love of your life is not tall, nor a stranger? If so, you may cut yourself off from exploring a journey that would lead to increased happiness in your life."

I hope you enjoyed the 6-card reading. 

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